For farmers

The desire to buy products from local producers is an unflagging trend in our society. Currently, consumers are paying more and more attention to where food comes from, and in addition to a proven source, they also demand freshness and quality.

Follow this trend and increase the availability of your products! Open yourself up to modern solutions that will make your sales grow!

24 hours a day,
7 days a week

You can sell your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a place of your choice and without employees


You do not need additional staff or intermediaries, saving on employment costs

A sales

You get a reliable sales tool, equipped with a number of functionalities, easy to use and convenient for you and your customers

Applications of Farmer's Pantry vending machines:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • eggs
  • meat
  • milk
  • cheese
  • juices
  • fish
  • products in jars
  • canned products
  • frozen products

Choose a set tailored to your business from 50 models of top-quality cabinets

The unique features of Farmer's Pantry vending machines


The most important features of the Payment Terminal

Anti-burglary security – reinforcing security pins along the entire length of the frame prevent unauthorized access to cash.

Counterfeit banknote scanner– eliminates all banknotes without genuine security features and protects the terminal against attempts at electro-impulse manipulation.

Advanced statistical system – gathers statistical data of every transaction made using the terminal, allowing for full control of revenues.

Quick menu – easy to use, convenient menu protected with a code, used to add products to sales boxes without access to cash inside the terminal (for employees performing deliveries).

Individual orders – restricting access to selected boxes only to the people who know the 4-digit PIN. An ideal solution for regular customers and special orders.

Flexible payments – the terminal can handle payments with coins, banknotes, loyalty cards, bank cards (contact and contactless) tokens, telephone, BLIK codes and dedicated applications.

Additional features of Farmer's Pantry vending machines

Thanks to this, you will receive personalized text message notifications in real time: about the amount of cash, the number of products sold or any errors if they occur.

Makes it possible to re-stock products through the back of the machine, in a way that is invisible to customers.

Provides better user experience of the vending machine and increases its attractiveness.

Allows you to sell products that require the right conditions – our vending machines can maintain temperatures down to -22 degrees Celsius.

A method demanded by more and more people of all ages, this functionality will let you provide your customers with convenient and efficient shopping suitable for the 21st century.

The machine is equipped with a thermal printer that prints a confirmation for the customer. It contains the transaction number, date and time, as well as information about the products purchased and their prices.