How does it work?

We offer vending machines for selling food products – it is the perfect solution for farmers, catering companies, and the retail industry. Do you want to increase your business profits? Put your faith in an innovative Farmer’s Pantry vending machine thanks to which your products will be available for customers 24/7 – fresh and safe.

A vending machine constitutes an investment that is going to ensure instant customer satisfaction, a quick financial return, and in turn: business growth.

Step 1

Think about any product or products that you want to sell with the vending machine.

Step 2

Decide about the size and number of sales boxes - we will gladly advise in terms of the type of machine that is going to be best for your business!

Step 3

Select the type of payment terminal and decide what additional functions you want with your machine.

Step 4

Prepare a visible and easily accessible place where the vending machine will be placed

Step 5

Start earning money and observe your income in real time!

See what solutions
we can design for you.

Why us?

  1. Best product exposition on the market
  2. Increased efficiency of the cooling device
  3. Incredible durability of locking elements
  4. Machine construction made of acid-resistant steel that can come into contact with food
  5. The boxes can withstand a load of up to 30 kg
  6. Up to 50 machine models to choose from – solutions adjusted to your needs
  7. One payment terminal can serve up to 200 sales boxes
  8. A number of additional functions for the client and the owner
  9. Personalisation of the graphic panel
  10. System of internet orders: the client orders products at the online store and collects them at the vending machine