Open your mind to innovations and increase sales with Farmer’s Pantry!

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About us

For many years, we have been supporting farmers in developing their business and achieving business growth.
Thanks to our vending machines, they can stand out from the competition and offer their customers efficient, convenient and safe shopping for fresh products at any time

Proven solutions for the demanding agricultural sector have applications in other industries as well: our vending machines can also be used by catering companies or grocery store chains. We know that the most important thing is consumer experience when shopping, and because of that, we equip our vending machines with modern functionalities and pay attention to details. Our priority is to ensure convenience not only for the target customer, but also for you. It is this thought that guides us when we design our solutions.

Discover our offer and see how much you can gain!

What do we do?

Our business involves the design and implementation of innovative vending machines intended for the sale of food products – both fresh and processed. We also provide maintenance services. Farmer's Pantry vending machines allow for making sales 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are used successfully by farmers, caterers and the retail industry.


Equipping your business with a vending machine is a step towards development and significant business growth. Increase your farm’s sales possibilities with Farmer's Pantry.

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For CATERING companies

You don't have to carry out meal distribution only through a courier fleet, either your own or external, directly to the addresses provided. Meet your customers's needs – make your meals always available where there are potential customers.

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For the RETAIL industry

The Farmer's Pantry vending machine is a convenient and safe way of shopping, great for your customers at the time when your chain stores are closed. It is also an excellent tool for efficient sales in self-service stores.

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